The day that seemed so very, very far away 8 months ago is now suddenly here. My last day as a nanny in Australia is nearly over and I’m now about to have a last night of sleep in this beautiful country before it’s time to start saying goodbye to my lovely Aussie family. When I came here, 246 days ago, I was so excited, so full of dreams, goals, plans and visions of what I wanted to do with my time here in Australia. At that stage, never did I know that I would sit here on my last night, looking back at the time I’ve had, absolutely amazed over everything I’ve achieved and so satisfied with everything I’ve done.  I could never imagine doing and seeing even half of all the things I’ve done and seen since I came. This adventure has given me so much more then I ever thought would be possible, and then I ever dared to dream about. Note to self: Emelie – that day in August last year, when you said yes to go to Australia, WELL DONE. Best decision ever!

In  many ways I’m still the same as I was when I left Sweden in September 2012, but I’ve definitely both grown as a person and learned heaps of new things about myself and about life in general. I’d say I’m the very same person, just a lot more. Everything I’ve seen, experienced, done and been through the last couple of months have made a huge impact on my life and it’s definitely changed my way of seeing things. I’ve had my ups and downs and it hasn’t been easy everyday but I’ve managed to get myself through the hard times and I am very glad I did because all the good times and memories this trip has given me was worth every single struggle. All the people I’ve met on this big adventure of mine have truly made my life both richer and better (thanks everyone for that) and I will be looking back on these 8 months with warmth, love and happiness for the rest of my life.

YES, I’m having a moment of sentimentality..

Aside from all the awesome, new friends I’ve made over here I’m also lucky to be saying that I’ve now got my own Australian family with four amazing, kindhearted people that I’m really going to miss. Imagine having an extra family, on the other side of the world, who didn’t only give you somewhere to live but also lots of love, thoughts and consideration for such a long time. Sandra, Christian, Kai and Ashton – Again, thank you for everything. I’ll be thinking of you and missing you lots.

Time to end this crazy, huge, beautiful, scary and fantastic chapter of my life and go back to where I started from and create a new one. I am totally high on life right now and I know that I’ve said it many times before but once again, I just love life! 

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